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9 Things to ask when hiring a regular house cleaner

Are you searching for a potential regular home cleaning service in Brisbane, if so, you have to consider a lot more than just the price of a clean. It is an important consideration but be sure you’re getting a cleaner that fits your budget and that they can accommodate your specific needs and cleaning requirements as well. You will also need to know you can work with them on a regular basis.

Here are some regular house cleaning questions to ask them:

1. Is your regular house cleaning service licensed? Do you have insurance? Are you fully insured?

Do you screen your employees before letting them go out on jobs in Brisbane? Do you police check your cleaning staff? What cover do you carry if your staff are hurt in my home?

These are pretty obvious questions right? I mean, your home is your castle, and I am sure you want to know if the cleaners entering your home are trustworthy, honest and covered incase anything ‘happens’? It’s important for you to consider your and your family’s safety before taking on a regular house cleaner and know that the company you hire has done the backgrounds checks on their employees and has cover in case anything is broken while on the job or your treasured possessions get stolen.

2. Are your Brisbane cleaning staff employees or subcontractors?

This is an important consideration. If the cleaners are employees, the cleaning agency can train them, insure them, and pay them taxes and benefits. They will have a lot more control over the job as there is no 3rd party company involved in the process.

With subcontractors, you will have an independent business cleaning your home, on behalf of another, so you aren’t as sure on the level of training they have, the processes they use or the insurance they carry. There could be additional issues on who did what, if something goes wrong.

This doesn’t mean an automatic veto – it just means you need to delve a lot deeper and get assurance on the insurance, systems, and the training that they have in place.

3. Cleaning Testimonials - What have past clients complained about your domestic cleaning services in Brisbane?

You may get the sales pitch when asking this kind of probing question, however ask it and review the answers they give. It is in the company’s / individual’s interest to be honest as this will build that lasting relationship required of a regular house cleaning service.

If you know their weaknesses, you can figure out how to work around them or adapt your requirements to work with them. Sometimes reviews can be unrealistic, or a misunderstanding by one or both parties, so asking the hard questions is one way to iron out these differences.

On the other hand, knowing their weaknesses could be the reason you opt out of a certain agency.

When you are aware of what is more likely to wrong, you’ll be able to take measures to avoid it and modify your expectations accordingly.


4. Do you have a package within my general house cleaning budget?

Sometimes a cleaning package offered in their price list may be a little bit more than you’re willing to pay.

There may be some things you are willing to give up to still get a good clean.

Ask whether they are willing to compromise on various requirements within the services offered and make something work with the cleaning budget you have to offer.

Always ask! There is no guarantee that your wish will be granted, but there is always a possibility. 🙂

5. Are your Brisbane house cleaners prompt and on time?

You want a residential cleaning agency or individual cleaning service who sticks to the given cleaning schedule. It’s not convenient for you nor professional of the business to constantly be coming late or rescheduling. You need to find a company that is reliable, on time and works efficiently at all times. Ask them about their time scheduling  and see if they have got any testimonials online from past clients regarding their reliability. This will give you a good indicator if they are reliable or not.

6. Do your cleaning staff receive specialized training?

When it comes to training, there is always room to improve on how things are done. Successful cleaning agencies will make sure their employees are always caught up on the best methods, tips and tricks and latest technologies to use during a regular or deep clean.

7. What equipment do you supply? What products do you use when doing a regular house clean in the Brisbane area?

There are a lot of cleaning products on the market. Every cleaning company will use different brands to clean your home. If you prefer green products or a specific brand, it would be best to find out what products your potential cleaner uses from the outset.

Also find out from them if they bring their own product and equipment as some cleaners will require you to supply the cleaning product and sometimes even the equipment. It’s important that you know this stuff before you hire them.

8. Does your Brisbane-based house cleaning service allow for extras and additions to the package price?

You may have some guests coming for dinner but your regular house clean does not include cleaning the patio or balustrades around the pool. Maybe you need to have the games room cleaned for a lads night or the outdoor furniture cleaned for an afternoon tea?

Would they be willing to adjust their package price to accommodate this addition and adjust the scheduled time accordingly?

9. Would someone from your Brisbane Cleaning Agency be able come out for a free estimate, or is it done online?

It can be inconvenient to have a stranger in your home, even if it is just to do an estimate of how much the clean will cost, but it’s a good way to meet the person who may oversee the job. You can get a better feel on their expertise, personality and wheter you think they will be a good fit. You will also be able to ask any more questions that pop up during their visit. See whether they are a good match and are willing to help you get done what you need.


With all those questions out the way, Brisbane House Cleaners is only a call away. We pride ourself on our efficiency, honesty and trustworthiness. If you need a weekly, fortnightly or monthly regular cleaning service, contact James or Julie today on (07) 3423 – 0582 or fill in and submit your details on our quote form.


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