Professional House Cleaning Services

Regular House Cleaning Service

This regular house cleaning service is for those who wish to keep their property sparkling clean on a regular basis. The clean can be done weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your circumstances.

Our service will cover all internal areas of the house and involve dusting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping – depending on the different surfaces of bathrooms, kitchens and living room.

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Once-off House Cleaning Service

This is an on call services which enables you to have your property cleaned when you occasionally need to.

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Usually the once-off clean will include all areas as per the regular cleaning above, unless you specify otherwise.

End-of-Lease Cleaning Service

The last thing you might want to do when you move out is … the cleaning…

We will be your relief from this hassle. This end-of-lease cleaning service will cover the whole cleaning for the final inspection before the termination of your rent. Any issues in cleaning will be solved by us and get confirmed without needing your presence. You only need to focus on settling into your new place.

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning is one of our specialised services. We have completed training and have been certified by the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute (ACCI).

Also, steam and dry carpet cleaning will be available upon your request. Regular carpet cleaning is highly recommended for hygienic purposes. Heavy furniture does not necessarily moved as the cleaning can be done as they are.

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Window Cleaning Service

This will include the cleaning of window seals, frames as well as fly-screens. We use an accurate amount of water so that there will be no hoses left on the floor. Further, our attention to detail will leave no marks on the floor or wall. For safety reasons we have the limit of height up to 3 metres.

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Additional Cleaning Services

At Brisbane House Cleaners we offer a wide range of extra cleaning services to compliment our standard ones.

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Our Aim - Your 100% satisfaction

It is all about the satisfaction of the service you have paid for. We are proud of the quality of our house cleaning services and this is why we are running. We believe that we have been rewarded by our current and previous clients. All staff members have been trained by myself so that the service is maintained with manners and high quality. See what our clients say about us and our services. 

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers regarding our house cleaning services

How do you charge for your house cleaning services?​

Most of our rates are based on a “per job” instead of “per hour” system unless you specify. Which means that you will be notified the exact amount for the service we have agreed on during the quotation. You don’t need to pay any extra even if the job requires a longer time than we expected. 

Do I have to be home during your home cleaning services?

Not necessarily. It is completely at your convenience. Many of our clients leave a key with us, or let us know how to access the premises while they are out at work or away on holiday. 

What if something gets damaged?

Even we are all trained on proper procedures in any situation. If anything is damaged as the result of what we had done during the cleaning, it will be replaced or fixed ASAP. 

If necessary, we will lodge the claim to our insurance company to help resolve the situation, as we are fully covered by the insurance of public liability with AMP.

Am I able to cancel or change my booking?

Of course you can. We understand that sometimes unforeseeable things happen in life. As long as you give us advanced notice (the earlier the better), we will not charge for services we have not done.

However, as this is based on the commitment and trust between us, would appreciated it if you could reschedule the service asap to maintain the cleanliness of your place and for our staffing scheduling to be manageable.

What do I need to prepare before you perform your house cleaning services?

Nothing! We perform all our full house cleaning services with our equipment and cleaning products. However, if you prefer to use your own material and resources we are happy to use those. Just let us know.

What are your opening times?

Our opening hours are:

Monday – Friday: 7am – 8pm
Saturday: 7am – 12pm
Sunday: CLOSED