Tips for House Cleaning – The bedroom

After a long, tiring day, there’s nothing better than coming home to eat a nicely cooked meal, chilling with a movie or taking a long, hot shower before crawling into a clean bed with fresh sheets – and slowly drift off into a land of dreams and bliss. That is not always the case, when your things are a mess, the sheets on the bed are three weeks old and there’s a layer of dust on everything in the bedroom. 

When your bedroom is messy, it often feels smaller and more confined. By keeping it clean, you’ll enjoy your safe haven so much more!

We’ve come up with a couple tips on different areas of your bedroom to help you get that fresh clean every single day. That being said, if you’re a busy person who really doesn’t have time to clean, consider hiring a Brisbane house cleaner because everyone deserves to enjoy a beautiful, clean space – even if they don’t have the time and energy to do it themselves.

Without further ado, here are a couple bedroom cleaning tips:

#1 - Cleaning the Bed

At the end of the day, you deserve to crawl into a warm, comfortable bed where you can drift away to dreamland. There’s definitely a difference between getting between clean sheets that smell amazing and sheets that have some cookie crumbs and a pile of clothes on them.

The bed is the highlight of the bedroom, and it should be one of your priorities when cleaning that particular room. It’s a good idea to set aside some time each morning to fluff the pillows and tuck your sheets in neatly.

Just this five-minute morning habit can greatly enhance the look of your room and make it much more pleasant to return to. Of course, if you’ve got cleaners, you can always ask them to throw your sheets in the wash and return home to fresh sheets!

#3 - Cleaning the Mess Systematically

One of the things that people struggle with is picking up the mess of things that accumulate in the bedroom. If you consistently pick up after yourself, however, you’ll find that keeping your floors and surfaces clear can actually be pretty easy!

When cleaning up the mess, divide things into two general categories: put away and throw away. This pretty much speaks for itself. If it’s trash, dispose of it properly. If it needs to be put away, store it in its appropriate space.

It’s important to remember that your room will always look neater when you store as much away as possible. So reevaluate all the knick-knacks you keep on your desk – do you really need them? Are you willing to dust them regularly? If not, you may find a clear display box to be useful.

If you’ve got cleaners, remember that their job is not to tidy up after you. They will be able to deliver much better results if you make sure everything is in the right place as they will be able to focus their time and energy on getting you a great clean.

In time, you’ll probably find that you’ve developed a sort of system. Take, for instance, your wardrobe. If you’re planning to wear a blazer to work and don’t plan to wash it immediately after the wear, put the hanger on your closet door so you remember to hang it up and put it back in your closet neatly after you get home.

“Your Subscription to Happiness Has Life Time Validity, Keep Smiling!”
― Sukant Ratnakar

#3 - Using Storage Wisely

No, shoving the mess under your bed doesn’t count as a legitimate clean. When you do this, you’ll just end up making things harder for yourself in the future. Your belongings will gather dust, and you probably find it difficult to find things you are looking for.

Invest in other types of storage to keep your belongings neatly stored. If you’ve always got clothes strewn around the room, get a laundry basket. If you’ve got a lot of little items or a large earring collection, get a large storage box with small containers that will keep everything categorized and easy to find.

#4 - Dusting down the surfaces

After your belongings are neatly stored away, the surfaces of your bedroom are finally clear and ready to be cleaned. You’ve got to remove the dust and other particles on your floor, your vanity, and all your other surfaces. Start by dusting and wiping down all of your furniture, and don’t forget to dust away those spider webs! After that, sweep and/or vacuum your floor to pick everything else up.

#5 - Hire a Cleaning Company

Don’t have the time and energy to give your bedroom the cleaning it deserves? Find the task overwhelming? Why not hire a professional cleaner in Brisbane? These experts are skilled and able to transform your home into a wonderful, clean place to return to.


At Brisbane House Cleaners, we a fully insured, we pride ourselves on great customer service, honesty, reliability, a convenient quotation system, and a spotless clean! We offer home cleaning for every room in the house at an affordable price.

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