Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners?

Quite a number of people clean their own carpets. On a warm sunny day, they just take them out into the backyard and use a broom to beat them to get the dirt out. Then it’s just a matter of spraying it down with the hose and scrubbing it well with some detergent. After a good rinse, the sun does the rest.
Is this really the best way to clean a carpet? Even if you manage to beat your carpet until no dust comes out, chances are it isn’t really clean. There are still allergens and dust particles lurking that won’t be good for your health. In most cases, we recommend that you hire a professional carpet cleaner in Brisbane. Here’s why:

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

Rather than making your carpet cleaning a DIY part of your spring clean, have a professional carpet cleaner come in to offer you the following benefits:

Professional Equipment, Detergents, and Solutions

A DIY carpet cleaning project probably involves you grabbing random cleaning supplies from the cabinet under the sink and proceeding to scrub. Chances are you don’t have the right equipment and supplies to be doing things the right way. This is why you need a professional. Professional carpet cleaners have access to specialized equipment, detergent, and solution that is formulated for use on carpets.

Better Air Indoors

You can’t clean as well as a professional can. The fact of the matter is that there is still going to be dust and allergens even after you’ve been scrubbing all day. Your carpet may be the reason the air quality in your home isn’t so good. With the expertise of a professional carpet cleaner, the quality of the air you breathe indoors will improve tremendously.

“There is something magical about walking over a soft and beautifully clean carpet.”

― Anonymous

Less Time Spent Cleaning

Does anybody actually enjoy cleaning their carpets on their own? It’s not only tedious and draining but it takes a huge amount of time. In fact, it will probably take your entire day! You’ll have to move around all your furniture and somehow maneuver your carpet out to the yard. And that’s even before you start beating the dust out and scrubbing it clean! Why waste an entire day when you could have a carpet cleaning company do so in a much shorter amount of time?

Increased Carpet Lifespan

Since professional carpet cleaners in Brisbane have the right equipment and supplies to give your carpets a proper clean, you’ll be enjoying an increased carpet lifespan. Using a hard brush and the first detergent you find could damage your carpet and cause it to wear out more quickly. With the help of experts, you can enjoy a better carpet for years to come.

Professional Advice

Expert carpet cleaners are often more than willing to share their knowledge on carpet maintenance. They’ll give you some tips to take better care of it so it stays in good condition for years. They’ll remind you of the importance of regular vacuuming and treating stains right away. Knowing the basics of carpet maintenance will ensure that you can take care of your carpet even between major cleaning sessions.


You can’t deny the value of a professional, Brisbane-based carpet cleaner take care of your home. Not only will they do things the right way but they’ll allow you to spend your precious time elsewhere on things that matter more. Wondering where to find a professional carpet cleaner, wonder no more? We will leave you with fresh, clean, dry carpets everytime? Get in touch with either James or Julie from Brisbane House Cleaners on (07) 3423 – 0582 or fill in and submit your details on our quote form.


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