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Ideas and Actions to Cleaner Carpets

Carpets add a character and comfort to the decor of any room and are immediately noticed by visitors to your home. It is therefore important that you pay a lot of attention to the cleanliness of your carpet and take the time to clean it or have it cleaned on a regular basis. Stains on a carpet and the odors that they absorb from your activities or those of your family can at times be quite embarrassing. Your carpet can be kept clean if you follow some simple rules in their use and upkeep.

#1: Carpet cleaning basics

If you want to keep your carpet clean, see that you vacuum it regularly, preferably after clearing out all the furniture around or that you normally keep on the carpet, like small tables etc. This way you can work the entire surface of the carpet and clear it of all the dirt, pet hair or other grime that has accumulated on it. Keep a brush handy so that you can disturb any dirt that has found its way, deep into the carpet.

Ideally, You need to do this every other day if there is a lot of foot traffic in your home, with pets and children playing on it constantly.

You could stretch this out to a week, if you are normally out and about with the home locked during the day, and the windows and doors closed for most of the period.

#2. Healthy carpet, healthy home, healthy family

Like other surfaces in your home, when a carpet gets dirty, it can lead to health problems for people with allergies, and a regularly cleaned carpet can be of great help to the health of the family, especially, of small children and the elderly.

#3. Carpet Spills, Stains and how to deal with it when it happens?

There will always be the chances of spills on carpets, especially carpets in living rooms and other heavily used areas, where family members may gather around for coffee or other liquid refreshments. If this happens, use paper towels or other absorbent material to blot out the spills and clean them as best as you can, immediately after they occur. If you allow them to remain for some time, the stains may become permanent and difficult to remove without the use of professional carpet cleaning equipment.

“Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest.”

― Radhika Mundra

#4. Be sure to act fast if a mess is made on the carpet

If your pet has messed up the carpet, or children have dropped some food on it, or your teenage boy walked through the house with his work boots on, remove the offending material immediately and use clean water to dilute the stains that have been formed. Do this with a wet towel or tissue with a circular motion that can be both ways, clockwise and anticlockwise, so that the stain is no longer visible. Action: Harsh scrubbing of the carpet must be avoided as this can cause the fibers of the carpet to get damaged. If the carpet can be easily rolled up, put it out to dry in the sun or any open space that is well ventilated. If the carpet is wall to wall, this may not possible, but you need to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation to dry out the cleaned portion of the carpet. Be sure to open all windows, and put a fan on the affected areas.

#5. Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains can be cleaned with mild carpet cleaners or other stain removers that are specially meant for carpets. Read the instructions on these cleaner containers and use the ones that are recommended for your type of carpet.

Rinse the area of the carpet after you have allowed the cleaners to do their work, and then ensure that this portion of the carpet is allowed to dry out completely before anyone is permitted to walk over it.

#6. Removing Gum From The Carpet

I remember as a child falling asleep watching TV with gum in my mouth and it ended up in the carpet. So I know it happens. Children who eat gum are quite likely to leave their wads on the carpet and these can get thoroughly entangled in its fibers. Use hot water for stubborn gum and prise out the gum carefully with a kitchen knife or spatula, taking care to see that you do not cut the carpet fibers.

For more method of removing gum check out

#7: Removing Grease From The Carpet

Grease is a terrible cleaning foe. It’s hard enough to manage on a countertop or on the backsplash – how much harder on carpets, furniture, or rugs?

Instead of heading to the store for some expensive cleaner, try this homemade concoction: one part alcohol to one part salt. Gently scrape as much of the grease/butter off the carpet as possible with a knife or spatula, then sprinkle the stain with the mixture, let it dry for about 30 minutes to soak up the grease, and vacuum it off.

#8: Ways To Protect Your Carpet

You will often find that some areas of your carpet get dirtier than the others, and it can be a good idea to protect such areas with rugs and do insist on doormats and a discipline of your family members using them and also removing all shoes before they come into the home. It is also advisable to place rubber or protective covers on the legs of your tables and chairs so that they do not touch the carpet directly.

Another idea – Why not use carpet tiles in those well worn areas, this will allow you the luxury of replacing an area of carpet that has been severely stained.

#9: Consider hiring professional carpet cleaners in Brisbane

It can be beneficial if you subject your carpet to regular deep clean at least once or twice a year, that is carried out by a professional carpet cleaning agency. It is advisable to request that someone from the cleaning agency come and inspect your home and its carpets before they give you a quote to allow them to correctly judge the amount of work that will be required.

These agencies will have professional steam cleaning and other equipment that can really make your carpet look like new. They can also use shampoos, powerful vacuum devices, and many other techniques that they will especially adapt to the type of carpet that you have in your home.

Action:  For a thorough clean, it is best if you get all the furniture cleared from the room so that a professional carpet cleaner is free to work the entire area of the carpet.


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