6 Questions to Ask a House Cleaner

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Nowadays, having someone to help around the house is no longer just a luxury, but a necessity for many busy families and time poor professionals. In this fast paced, highly demanding world, we look for options to lessen the pressures placed on us by the daily grind and seeking out a professional cleaning company, to help around the home, is just one of these options.

Free up your precious time by hiring a cleaning professional to help keep your house in order. After all, I am sure you have plenty more important things to be getting on with. That said, letting a complete stranger have access to your home is not something you should do without taking the necessary precautions.

It isn’t difficult choosing a trustworthy cleaning company/individual to provide you with house cleaning services, but there are some important factors that you need to bring up with the service provider before you hire them to take on the responsibility of cleaning your family home.

Individual vs Company Cleaning Service

Before anything else, you should figure out whether you would like to contract an individual or a company to clean your home. Below are some pros and cons to consider.

Independent Cleaners

Having an individual cleaner take care of your house can be reassuring, as you know that it will be the same person entering your home every time. Also, since they are not restricted by an agency, they can be flexible and will clean according to your instructions.

An independent cleaner will probably cost you less as they will have lower administration and running costs but the reassurance of one person does not come without its issues. If your cleaner is sick or has requested a holiday, there may not be another cleaner to replace them during this time.

Also, if they are servicing too many customers, they may become less flexible or have limited time to make sure your home’s upkeep is up to your required standards.

Company Cleaners

On the other hand, a professional cleaning company will have a cleaning regime that requires a level of staff training and will also require a standard of competency that their staff must reach. Because of this you can enjoy the guarantee of a clean home.

Once you have found a cleaner that you like, you may be able to request that they are always sent to look after your home. However, if your cleaner gets sick, or goes on leave, there will be replacements on-tap to provide an uninterrupted service.

Additionally, in a larger company, if you have any complaints or suggestions, there will be a process in place for you to submit your concerns.

A professional cleaning service may cost more, and their cleaners frequently leave the company, which means that you may have to deal with the constant change of cleaners.

Larger companies tend to be less flexible in what they will include in the clean – you may be able to make some requests, but at large, cleaning methods will be priced and allocated based on the company policies, their staff training and time allocation. Also requesting time changes may not be easy due to scheduling ie: if you decide to have an unplanned dinner party and need an urgent clean.

Do your research before you hire a cleaning company


It can be difficult to find someone trustworthy to provide quality cleaning in your home, and many people are unsure of where to start. When you have a list of prospective cleaners, go ahead and contact them for an in-home or online estimate of costs. Prior to your in-home session, think of questions to ask them and make sure you have any specific requirements outlined.

Ask these following questions to your prospective house cleaning providers:

1 - What do you base your cleaning rates on?

Quite a few cleaning services base their rates on the number of hours it takes to clean your home, but some also go by project or number of cleaners required to do the job.

Ask your prospective cleaning service to gauge the number of hours it will take to clean your house. In addition to that, inquire for a set rate for future cleans. This rate will depend on the size and state of your home, as well as the frequency of cleaning that you require. And so as not to be hit with those pesky unexpected expenses, ask whether you can set a top-end limit on the amount that you are willing to pay, ensuring that you won’t have to spend any more than what you budgeted.

Remember – you want quality people, so look for cleaners that come with great recommendations and a sound reputation. A cheap house cleaner may seem like a bargain, but often you will find dusty areas and sticky floors after they leave.

2 - Are your cleaning staff fully vetted and trustworthy?

Generally, cleaning companies carry out comprehensive background checks on their employees to ensure their trustworthiness. If you are looking to hire an independent cleaning professional, it will be up to you to assess their ‘trustworthy’ factor yourself. This assurance will allow you to feel a little bit more confident in allowing a stranger into your home.

3 – Are you fully insured and bonded?

If something breaks or is stolen in your house during a clean by an agency employee, insured companies will be able to submit a claim and cover the costs without any issue. If they are not insured, however, then you may have to incur the cost of the loss yourself and that would hurt.

You will certainly enjoy peace of mind knowing that your cleaning agency is fully insured.

Something to consider; if you have any delicate items that need to be cleaned in a specific way, be sure to inform the cleaner ahead of time.

4 - Do your cleaners have workers’ compensation?

If your cleaner gets injured in the process of cleaning your house, a professional service should carry workers compensation so that you will not be accountable. Ensure that this is in place before hiring a cleaning professional.

5 – Do you provide your own cleaning supplies?

Some companies will bring their own cleaning supplies and professional cleaning equipment to do the clean. This will be included in the price that they charge. Other companies ask you to provide the supplies to be used during the cleaning of your house. Other cleaners, like some of those hired out on the job request sites, require you to provide both the equipment and the supplies to be used. These differences will be reflected in the price, so make sure you ask before contracting a cleaner and take into account all the expenses you really will be paying.

6 – How long have you been in the cleaning business?

Look for a cleaning company that has a good track record, is reliable and has been operating for quite some time. If they have been around for a while, it indicates that experience is on their side. Inquire as to how much training their staff members have had, and how often they get turned over. Consistency is key in the cleaning game, so having quality cleaners who are in it for the long haul can be a game changer in the level of cleanliness you will enjoy at home.

At Brisbane House Cleaners, we specialise in a range of house cleaning services. We are fully insured, police checked and our online reviews all vouch for our integrity and trustworthiness. We pride ourselves in being flexible, honest, efficient, and polite, so if you are looking for a professional team to keep your home clean and tidy in the Brisbane area, contact James today and see how we can help!

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