5 Reasons to Hire a Professional House Cleaner

A huge advantage of having a professional team regularly cleaning your house is to be able to have clean, fresh and healthy surroundings that your entire household can benefit from. Quality cleaning reduces the amount of bacteria, mold, and other allergens in your home, safeguarding your family members from getting sick.

1. Having a clean house helps to fight respiratory allergies.

One of the most prevalent illnesses worldwide is the common cold. Dust is a big contributor to the common cold, also inducing sneezing, eye irritation, and rhinorrhea.

A professional team of cleaners use vacuums that filter your air, minimising the amount of dust that will be floating around your house. A thorough cleaning can do wonders for those who suffer from dust allergies, reducing their symptoms tremendously.

2. A professional cleaner will clean areas you probably would neglect.

Even if your house appears to be clean, there is probably dust and bacteria in places that you would have never thought to check. Under your bed, for one, may seem clean, but after a while it begins to build up with bacteria and dead skin and I am sure the thought of tackling these hard to reach places will be quickly pushed out of your mind. If you are doing your own cleaning, chances are you will overlook parts of the house that actually need to be cleaned more frequently like the light fixtures, your stove top, or the tops of cupboards.

Experts know these areas and will ensure that every part of your home is as clean as possible.

3. Got young kids? A thorough clean can protect your little ones!

Young children and infants are especially vulnerable to illness. Additionally, they are likely to be crawling all over the house, getting their hands in all sorts of things and places grownups fear to tread.

If you use a professional cleaning service, they use quality products and pro equipment to make sure that your home is not only smelling great, but that it is clean and healthy, giving you peace of mind when letting your little one/s roam the halls of your castle!

4. Clean bathrooms rock but don't magically clean themselves!

You have been scrubbing the bathroom floor for ages and the grime is not coming off the walls. The toilet is stained, and the taps no longer glisten like they once did. The damp environment of a bathroom is a perfect breeding ground for quite a few pathogenic organisms. To make sure you do not come into contact with these things, it is important for your bathroom to have a thorough clean and sanitise on a regular basis.

An expert cleaner knows the best way to keep your bathroom/shower clean, and will happily make sure yours will always sparkle as part of their service. You know that there is little else better than entering into a lovely clean, fresh-smelling bathroom that is free of hair, dust and grime.

5. Hate cleaning? Why stress over it - hire a cleaning professional!

I’m sure you’ve found that a clean, organised room helps you think better, feel better, and work better. Disorganised rooms and messy living areas can cause stress, irritation and make you feel the need to clean as soon as walk through the door, despite not having the energy to do so.

So you’ve tried to delegate the household jobs to various family members but they are either done poorly or begrudgingly and you have to constantly chase to get them done. Why not look for the right professional help? It is one way to rid the stress of having to constantly clean up shop.

When you pursue this path, it is important to find the right cleaning team to keep your place looking respectable. One that can work around your schedule, who are flexible, and cater to your budget. Most importantly, make sure that you feel safe leaving your home, or should I say, your castle in their trust.

When you do find the right team, the rewards could literally change the way you do life.

Hiring a professional house cleaner frees up your time, and  allows you to return home to a house that looks great and smells fresh and clean. Ditch the stress of having to tidy up, kick back, relax and enjoy time with your family, friends or loved ones. Or simply enjoy having your own ‘me’ time; run a nice bath, sit out on the patio with a nice glass of wine or put on your favourite movie and get in some ‘R & R’ after a hard days work.

At Brisbane House Cleaners, we specialise in general house cleaning, offering a range of cleaning services in the Brisbane area. Get in touch today for a free, no obligation quotation to see how we can help!

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